Time management for entrepreneurs

As a business owner we can struggle with where to spend our time and getting enough done in a day. Ever have those days where you go home and question what you did all day? We all do. I’ve come up with a system for how I management my time and actually it’s more about...

How to sell more to grow your business

5 years ago I was broke and struggling and my business was in the tank. In the entire year we had about $20 000 in sales. It sucked to say the least. I had creditors calling, couldn’t afford to keep my car on the road and had to move out of my space. Fast...

How to think like a leader

One of the biggest challenges faced by a new entrepreneur, small business owner or even sometimes for a lot of us is how to work. Knowing how to work is actually more important that what to do but it is totally over looked because it’s easier to be task...

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