As an entrepreneur you have so much to go, too little time, not enough money and a hard time finding the right people to do it.

I’m coming off being at an event called Converted hosted by Leadpages which is mainly for marketers but it’s mostly entrepreneurs. I had a blast, made some great connections and learned a few things.

The one thing I found interesting when talking with other entrepreneurs is continually the struggle of how to get more customers and this is coming from marketing people that focus on that stuff.

I realize that even in the marketing world there’s a key thing missing…sales culture.

But as entrepreneurs we’re not usually thinking in that way.

We just want more damn sales. Am I right?

I know I am because I’m an business owner that always wants more sales.

So we think ok I must need a website or facebook or maybe running ads, I dunno where the eff do I start. You try to outsource or hire or something but even those results don’t pay off.

Look you’re going to have to do this if you want the company to grow the way you envision it. You have to start the marathon so you can hand off the torch. The sooner you get started the sooner you can even think about handing anything off.

Sales is outside the comfort zone of most entrepreneurs. If you’re like most your strength is probably around your product or service that you deliver.

That’s great…it should be that way but that likely means you’re not the best sales and marketing person out there.

The first thing you need to ask is, could I handle more sales? Could I keep up with producing enough product or delivering enough of the service.

If the answer to that is no than you’re probably going to want to start thinking about that first.

If the answer is yes you do want more sales then here’s the areas that you’re going to need to think about:

  • Sales conversation structure
  • Actual process
  • Follow Up
  • Software to do all that
  • Hiring sales people
  • Training/role plays and holding them to numbers

Now before you get overwhelmed and say eff it I want you to consider…what will this do for you to have double or triple the sales, what will that free you of and what will that allow you to do?

Look nobody is going to do this stuff for you. I just heard that 63% of businesses aren’t profitable and every 3.5 hours a business goes bankrupt. That’s messed!

You gotta nail this stuff and I’d urge you to remember my motto: Progress over Perfection.

When I work with business owners I push them to remember how it’s about starting no matter how basic and not great it may be. You have to take that baby step today to get closer to running by tomorrow.

So where do you start?

I’d ask you to start to think about mapping the sales process that you take a customer through right now.

Imagine the conversation that you have right now, what do you ask, what do you talk about, what are their concerns, etc.

Start capturing that stuff right now. Write it down step by step what normally happens?

Next you gotta start trying to hire a sales rep and assume that they are going to be the wrong person but by hiring the wrong person you’ll learn more of what you actually need.

If you don’t have either of those things stop here and start with that.

If you already have a base of those or at least a sales rep then I would recommend moving into the regular meetings/training sessions. Only through regular training will they improve and close more sales.

I’m going to keep writing on this and will link to it when I do.

For now just remember that more sales is the key to growing your business, progress over perfection and just take action!

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