Posting on social media…everyone knows there’s value, most people are totally confused about how to do it.


When done right it can end up with tons of likes, follows, shares and even leads and sales.

When done wrong it’s a waste of time and money and may even push people away from you.


First we have to understand what social media is. I was at an event with Lisa Nichols and she said “Whoever called friends on social media was brilliant. They’re actually just contacts.”.


I mean think about it how many of those people are actually friends that you connect with? For me maybe 1.5% of all the people on my social accounts.


Often I talk with people that get anxiety when thinking about posting on social media…We’ll talk more about that in another post.


The goal of social media is to attract people and create alignment with you, your brand and your message.


This concept is pulled from Attract, Align, and Convert series that I teach business owners.


Social media is a first step for people to connect with us. It’s a perfect first step because it’s a low barrier to entry. What that means is it doesn’t require much commitment for someone to like or follow you.


Giving you contact info like an email address is more personal. It’s a bigger decision. In order for someone to give you their email address you have to have built some trust and they have to have a compelling reason to do that.


Social media is a great way to start a foundation to start building trust and rapport.


What to talk about? This is where sharing your story and your why mixed with education.



When you think about your resonate audience what do they most need right now?

Think from a psychological or emotional level…what are they possibly experiencing right now that they need from you? Is it to feel a certain way, support, encouragement, to be understood.

When you share your stories it creates alignment with them.


-Go Deep

-Talk about how you feel

-Make it have a positive twist, meaning or feel

-Share stories that relate to your audience directly



-Go negative

-Turn it into a rant

-End on a sad or bad note

-Constantly turn it into a promotion of products or services


This is meant to uplift, motivate or inspire in some way so make sure it’s relevant to your audience.


Over time watch and see which posts people engage with.


If you’re struggling with understanding your audience and create content for them you can watch this training session here.


Mix your stories or uplifting messages with content, education, tips or how to’s.

Every once in a while make an offer or promote something.


If you have the budget you could promote your page with your audience. That will lead them to want to connect with you.


That recipe will lead you to success BUT remember when you start it’s not going to show huge results. You have to start and be consistent over time to grow in that way.


The next step from here is how you get people to go from your social to your website and eventually to become a lead, client or customer. If you want to learn more about that reach out I can help you learn it.


Otherwise remember keep going! Don’t stop! Be consistent! It will work but we have to keep learning and evolving until it does.


Reflect on your vision, think about how awesome it’ll be when this blows up and people are connecting with your stuff.


You’re sharing more with the world…people out there need it.

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