Think like a leader graphicOne of the biggest challenges faced by a new entrepreneur, small business owner or even sometimes for a lot of us is how to work. Knowing how to work is actually more important that what to do but it is totally over looked because it’s easier to be task oriented.


Being task oriented means that you attack your week from at most a “todo” list. You may schedule a few meetings or appointments but generally is working from a place of I have to do this and I have to do that. This is not the ways leaders work, think or even live.


It’s time to move into strategic thinking, it’s time to start thinking like a leader.


Strategic thinking is moving into the zone of: what areas, projects, goals do I want to make progress on this week and how do I get those results? Leaders, or as often like to refer to as the 1%, don’t think about what they have to do its how am I getting the most result for the least output.

I have a good friend that works at Facebook and has a successful career managing a team of people. I was bouncing some of these ideas off him and his response was bang on. He said “I think the key to my success here and why I have always done well is efficiency, I’ve always thought how do I get the most results with the least effort”. He went on to say that is how he plans and does everything in his life not even just at work.

This is it, its about a state of mind. Its about moving into a state of efficiency based on knowing what you want to get done and using your resources in order to get those results.

Exercise: Here’s one small method to try that can change your life if you grasp it.

Take your “todo” list action items and for each one ask yourself, what is the real outcome I want and how else do I achieve that outcome. Think of resources, people, other companies, tools that may help you get the outcome with minimal effort.

When you start applying this type of thinking to many areas of your life you will start to see exponential growth that will blow your mind.

Focus Mastery | Think like a leader.

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