As a business owner we can struggle with where to spend our time and getting enough done in a day.
Ever have those days where you go home and question what you did all day?
We all do.
I’ve come up with a system for how I management my time and actually it’s more about managing your focus. It’s allowed us to grow like crazy and be more profitable and build a team that loves what they do and allow me to have a great lifestyle.
For your business to be successful you have to grow sales while increasing profit, evolve with trends while continually becoming more efficient and build a team around you that helps you fulfill your vision.
Challenge number 1 is that more sales does not equal more profit. When my company was small and we weren’t making any money I just kept thinking more sales and everything will be better.
I remember when we reached $100 000 in a month in sales we opened champagne and celebrated like we’d won the world series. The problem was we still weren’t making any money.
I knew there was a problem and that more sales wasn’t going to fix it. I had a bookkeeper, I had a person on the team handling financials, I had an accounting firm and everyone said everything was looking good.
Not to me. I realized that we all had different goals and they were executing on their vision not mine.
So I needed to become more profitable and continue to grow sales. To continue to grow sales we needed to grow marketing. To fulfill all the orders coming in we had to grow our production department and on and on.
Thus the 6 areas of business focus came into view for me.
Those 6 areas are business focus are Marketing, Sales, Product/Service, Culture, Financial, Legal.
If you want more from your company you need to focus on all 6 areas all the time.
Chances are whatever your strength is is where you focus the most and that areas is solid.
For many entrepreneurs that is in their product or service which is their talent or craft. If that’s you it means your marketing and sales is probably not as strong as it should be. If marketing and sales is your strength you may be struggling more with profitability and efficiency.
As an entrepreneur or business owner if you want better time management it’s because you want more results.
If you want more results in your business remember these 6 areas of business time management and make a plan for each. You’ll be amazed at what results come over time.

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