Chris High KickHey there my name is Chris and I’d like to take a second and share with you my story.

Some people see this guy that’s running a successful company, coaching, doing live speaking events and sometimes doing crazy things and think I’ve probably always been this way. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Actually I come from a small town near Toronto, Canada and grew up without a lot of opportunities in front of me. My mom was 16 at the time and my dad wasn’t around. My mom worked struggled really hard to do what she could often times working multiple jobs just to make ends meet.

I remember a lot of struggles, a lot of frustration and a lot of tears. I believed that I wasn’t really going to amount to much and that I’d never go to college or university. In fact I believed those kinds of ideas so much that I dropped out of high school to get a job and work.

Something happened though. Something in my gut just knew I was capable of more. I became a searcher. Always learning, reading, questioning things.

Eventually I decided to move from my small town and try to become something. After bouncing around a different jobs I ended up working in a retail office supplies store Staples. This was the first time that I feel like I became a part of something and was recognized for my hardwork, focus and not for my family status or background.

I spent 8 years at Staples and worked my way into management but a surprising thing happened. That feeling of being capable of more came up again.

I didn’t feel like I was meant to work in a retail environment for the rest of my life. So without a plan, education, capital or even a clue I quit and started a business called Kick Ass Media. I was going to do marketing and promotional materials for bands and musicians.

1 year later I was broke. I mean BROKE. Like cell phone disconnected, creditors calling, evicted from my apartment broke but…I didn’t quit.

I kept studying, learning, testing ideas. The business evolved into signs and printing for businesses. I moved online without having any idea of what I was doing I just tried.

Eventually online started to work and customers started appearing. I kept learning, studying, testing and evolving.

Now Kick Ass Media is an international success. We ship printed displays for events all over North America. We work with companies like Disney, 20th Century Fox, LG Electronics, Olympus and many charities like Free The Children.

Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned about digging into yourself and putting that into your business and the technical skills like marketing and sales.

If a poor small town high school dropout with nothing but a gut feeling can create an international company anyone can.

What do you feel more capable of doing? I hope you join me at one of my events, online at twitter, facebook or periscope, for one on one coaching or just bump into each other one day.

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