Having Cash Flow Challenges in Your Business?

You’re not alone.

41% of businesses reported cash flow problems last year


29% of startups failed because of cash flow problems.

Often times business owners don’t realize actually how bad it is.

Symptoms of cash flow instability:

  • Struggling to pay bills or wages
  • Unable to buy equipment or inventory
  • Not paying themselves what they’re worth
  • Discounting to get more sales

The number 1 reason? Not knowing how to properly market their products or services.

Business owners handling marketing their businesses that don’t have experience or a clear plan are likely to experience cash flow challenges possible resulting in bankruptcy.

The solution isn’t always to hire “marketing” talent or try to do some quick marketing tactic.

In fact, hiring marketing talent without a marketing plan or strategy can expand the problem.

Many business owners end up frustrated with marketing that doesn’t work or people that took their money and provided nothing in return. This leaves them jaded and unlikely to pursue it in the future.

The best solution is to develop a plan to turn the business into an identifiable brand that attracts more ideal customers that want your products, love to work with and have the money to spend.

Watch this video to learn how to overcome cash flow challenges and turn your business into a recognizable brand with a marketing plan.