You know you have something people need.

You have a great story that when people hear it are impacted but when it comes to sharing it on social media you either have doubt, fear or anxiety to doing it.

I think changed your viewpoint of what it means to post on social is most important place to start.

  1. You contacts aren’t friends they’re contacts. Think about it, how many of them are actually friends that you connect with on a constant basis? Maybe 1-5%. They’re a list of contacts and some of them probably want your stuff.
  2. Social media is a platform or stage to share your message. The first step of marketing is to attract and create alignment. Social media is a great place to create alignment because it requires very little commitment from the person. [Learn more about that from a recent post here.]
  3. Your audience needs some support or encouragement. Maybe it’s hope, faith, courage, commitment or even the possibility of your story. Someone may see your post today and it helps them get through whatever they’re trying to get through…does your fear or playing small help them?
  4. Your hesitation to post is about you. Your comfort zone and that’s ok. We are all constantly growing and all of us have different levels of our comfort zones, fears and doubts. This is just another one. When we run into our comfort zone it means there is opportunity to grow. We don’t grow when we avoid what is uncomfortable.


How to handle it:

  1. Accept it. Some part of you is trying to protect yourself and that’s alright. It’s just an unwarranted fear.
  2. What are you really afraid of? What people think? Is there any evidence to prove that’s true? It’s just the human fear of rejection that we all share in varying ways.
  3. Stop making it about you. Get attached to the result. Picture how someone could feel as a result of seeing your post. What impact could that have on them, their life, their day, or whatever. Picture that result. See it, feel it, make it real and pull from that emotion
  4. Find an accountability partner. Who or what can hold yourself accountable? Writing a check or doing something crazy if you don’t and committing that to someone is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
  5. Get it the right emotional state before you do it. Pump up. In the right mindset we can handle anything. Put on music that gets you fired up, do a workout, drink water, deep breath. Whatever it takes to get in the zone and make it happen

Bullet point what you’re going to say and keep it short and sweet. A great way is a small opening line of why you’re sharing, go into a story or motivational piece, end with a small next step or reminder. Try keeping it to 3-5 minutes.

TIP: For facebook you can click on go live and then set it to only me so you’re not actually live and then change it after.

Remember this is an opportunity for people to understand what you’re about, align with you and then start to move towards following, subscribing, contacting and buying.

If you want to learn more about what to post on social to attract and align with your audience click here.