The reason why so many businesses fail?

Because failure was an option.

When failure is off the table you’ll have a better chance of getting somewhere.

For me when I was struggling my hardest in my company failure wasn’t an option. It was do or die.

What would you do differently if everything was on the line? If you had no choice but to find a way today, what could you do differently? Really stop for a second and think about that.

Unfortunately most people don’t have that pressure until it’s too late.

They say your business is your baby right?

How hard would you fight to protect your baby?

How hard would you work to give your baby what it needs to grow?

I would never stop.

Find that drive in your business, coaching practice, relationship…in you and you’ll find a level you didn’t even know was possible.

Show up every day as if everything was on the line.

Have things that have been on your “todo” list for a while? What difference would there be in your life if you took consistent action on that stuff everyday?


That is the difference of where you are vs where you could be.