I don’t work with many clients at one time but if you want to grow your company culture and leadership I’d love to hear from you and see I can help. If you’re struggling with distraction, procrastination I have a program called Ignite The Fire that I support people to get into flow and work from a higher alignment.


If you’re looking to: Build an audience, attract more leads, clients and sales or make a difference with what you have we can help. At KA we take an approach to marketing that’s different from anything you’ve seen. Work with us directly or take Chris’ marketing course.

marketing & trade show displays

Having an event, looking at offline marketing, want to engage your audience, get leads or create an experience? That’s what our team crushes it at. Reach out we’d love to hear about your goals and help you make it happen.

ignite the fire program
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Coming soon.

“Just completed Chris Crawford’s course, Marketing Mastery, and it was phenomenal! Some of the main ‘Ah Ha’ take-aways were the following:

1. Thinking I was providing or marketing one service that described the broad and general language, to finding I actually provide a larger, more clear service after some of the exercises. In short, more clarity gained on what I’m selling, which results to better targeting.

2. Deeper understanding of their pain and motivation, as well as understanding their possible objections. This allows me to pre-frame solutions ahead of time, and better understand what they want, which leads to me serving them better.

3. Understanding and focusing on where my key folks are online, offline, and how to talk to them. Are they in the problem stage, solution stage or ready to buy stage?

4. Targeting who I actually want to work with and serve.

5. Developing rapport and trust before ever selling.”

R. Gagne

“I used to HATE marketing. Thought it was evil, haha.

Now I feel like it’s taking a service I feel can change people’s lives, clarifying exactly what it is and how I’ll do that, and giving it to the people that want and need that service the most.

This is the closest to a win/win if I’ve ever seen it.”

M. Ronald

“Thanks to your marketing training I put together a Craigslist ad for my buddy’s mobile auto detail business. Had it up in 30 minutes and he had a call and a job in 2 hours”

J. Berry

“Shout Out to Chris Crawford. Love from Sri Lanka and my company: Magellan Champlain. Just a few weeks into the program, I haven’t even completed it, I changed the messages I put in LinkedIn and just the last week I have closed 2 huge contracts that I never thought would approach me. They were 2 big competitors, today – contracts signed and MC is their delivery partner in Sri Lanka! KICK ASS!! BAD ASSS! – Woohooooo M1 Thank You and Chris Crawford YOU ARE A BADDDDDD ASSSS. THANK YOU.”

S. Sammoon