How I went from BROKE, CONFUSED AND STRUGGLING to a MULTI-MILLION Dollar Company I'm Super Proud Of and so can you...

Learn the secret to attracting more customers without having to be some internet marketing expert.

Are you a business owner trying to grow a business?

Do you find there’s so much to do and so little support?

  • Cash flow challenges making it hard to cover all the bills
  • Trying to find the right people
  • Struggling to grow the way you want
  • On top of all that you’re in charge of everything

You know you have something to offer that people want…


You can see the business:

  • Huge sales, people loving your stuff
  • A team that helps you grow
  • A successful recognizable business
  • Something you’re proud of
  • Knowing you did it

I get it.

Now I have a successful business BUT when I started out

  • I had no idea what I was doing
  • I was struggling to get customers
  • Behind on my bills

I procrastinated daily and that definitely didn’t help…I think because I was so stressed I didn’t want to think about it.

I remember going to the bank to try and get a credit card to help grow my business and being denied.

I tried random marketing things that didn’t work the way I’d hoped.

It was so frustrating. I felt like I was doing it all alone.

I realized I was on my own. It was up to me to make this thing work.

I didn’t quit. Slowly over time I figured it out and created a company that now does millions in sales and works with clients like Google, Disney, 20th Century Fox, LG Electronics and 100’s more.

What was missing was I didn’t understand how to connect with my customers in a way that made them want to choose me and I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t understand ideal customers, awareness, and how to create a message that made people want to choose me.

Once I figured that out my business exploded.

I created a training video showing how to grow your business by creating a brand. Sign up and check it out.

Chris Crawford Business Training

Chris Crawford founder and president of Kick Ass Media, Marketing Trainer, Consultant. Started from his small apartment with no money, no education, no support, and no plan.

Now Kick Ass Media is a multi-million dollar business that works with large brands and marketing firms to engage audiences and build awareness.

Chris now spends his time sharing with business owners and marketers how to create powerful messaging.

He does this through online courses, live talks, one on one strategy sessions and outsourced CMO strategy support.

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Learn how to get more customers without having to be an internet expert.

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