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You want or maybe even need more customers. You've built a business with products or services around your passion, talent or skill?

That is both your biggest strength and maybe your greatest weakness, here’s why...

Chris Crawford Business Coach

Chris Crawford:

Founder & President of Kick Ass Media, Speaker, Business Coach, Future Rockstar.

When your product or service is your strength it allows you to create an exceptional product that people love.

Most of your sales probably come from referrals and that’s been great to get you this far but if you want to keep growing to another level.

We naturally focus on their strengths and ignore our weaknesses or areas that we’re not passionate about…sound familiar?

No big deal except that it comes through when you’re unsure of how to get more customers to connect with you.

It’s time to think differently about marketing and sales.

Have no fear!

Getting more customers is easy when you know the recipe and have the right process and people helping you do it.

Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion about marketing and sales out there.

Great marketing is about having a plan that suits your business, products, customers budget and skillset!

Sales doesn’t have to mean agressive cold calling.

Chris Crawford Business Training

For me my product was not my strength…

I just hated my career and desperately wanted to have my own business.

The thing is I never quite realized I just like sales and marketing.

So I started a print company…seems logical right? Well not quite.

But now my printing company now works with clients like Disney, Google, 20th Century Fox and 1000’s more across north america and I love it.

All because I figured out there’s a recipe to marketing and sales.

When I started out I was going door to door handing out flyers to do sign making. Now all our customers come from online and we create displays for events, marketing and trade shows.

My goal is to help business owners like you understand how to grow your business with better marketing and sales even when it’s not your passion.

You may feel like you’re not at the right stage or can’t afford to hire a marketing and/or sales person but you must, nobody is going to do it for you.

I want to help you make it happen.

Chris Crawford created Kick Ass Media from his small apartment with no money, no education, no support and no business plan.

Now that’s a multi-million dollar business that works with clients like Disney Studios, Google, 20th Century Fox, LG Electronics and many other international brands. Learn more about Kick Ass Media by clicking here.

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