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Have you started a business and got some results for a while but now feel a little stuck to keep growing the way you want?

Chris Crawford Business Coach

Chris Crawford:

Founder & President of Kick Ass Media, Visionary, Speaker and Future Rockstar.

Days, weeks and months go by and you have moments or days of motivation and excitement mixed with many days of being not as motivated or focused and not getting the results you want.

Or maybe you’re motivated but you bounce in and out of issues with making enough money, paying bills, taxes and finding the right people to help you out. 

It’s frustrating because you can see it and probably almost feel that idea of the awesome business that you’re capable of creating.

There’s a reason why the failure rate for small businesses is so high. Good people just like you doing what they think is the right thing trying to make it work but it’s not what they do, it’s what they don’t do that could make all the difference.

I get it…I’ve been there…

I started a business 10 years ago and within a couple years was a broke mess. I was evicted from my place, I couldn’t pay my bills, was struggling and debating going bankrupt.

Nobody was there to guide me. Nobody said oh just go do this.

I had to crawl my way back and it was brutal…

Now I have an awesome team of people working for me shipping products all over N. America and working with high profile clients like Disney, 20th Century Fox, Google and many more.

I didn’t have experience, I didn’t have capital and for a while I didn’t even really have a plan. All I had was me trying to figure it out.

For me what created results was learning how to master my focus, how to get motivated and excited again, how to master my time, how to create effective strategies for marketing and sales and how to build and lead the right team.

None of that will happen by accident…that part is up to you.

What I also learned along the way was that I’m passionate about helping others and now I help entrepreneurs overcome the same challenges I went through.

I’m not talking about some get rich quick scheme or some work from a laptop type thing. I’m talking about creating something that you love, that you’re proud of, that you’re excited about and as a result allows you the life you want.

Check out this short video, I’m going to show you the most important thing I’ve learned along the way that made the biggest difference for me.

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Chris Crawford Business Training

When I started out I was going door to door handing out flyers to do sign making. Now all our customers come from online and we create displays for events, marketing and trade shows.

My goal is to help business owners like you create the businesses you want by helping you get focused, get motivated, manage your time and create the right plans.

Nobody is going to do it for you…

Chris Crawford created Kick Ass Media from his small apartment with no money, no education, no support, and no business plan.

Now it’s a multi-million dollar business that works with clients like Disney Studios, Google, 20th Century Fox, LG Electronics and many other international brands. Learn more about Kick Ass Media by clicking here.

Often times we just need someone helping us stay focused, motivated and guide us where to go. 

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