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Chris Crawford Business Coach

Chris Crawford:

Founder & President of Kick Ass Media, Speaker, Business Coach.

How do you create the business you want when you feel like you odn’t have the time, can’t find the right team and the cashflow limits everything?

That’s exactly the challenge I was faced with.

Now I help entrepreneurs figure it out.

I get it…I’ve been there.

I was miserable at a job

It wasn’t even that bad I just couldn’t take it anymore. Day in and day out I didn’t feel alive, I felt capable of more and knew I had to do something.

I decided to go for it

I just went for it and started my own business. 1 year later I was broke. I mean cell phone disconnected, evicted from my apartment broke.

I didn't stop

I just kept moving forward and now just a few years later I have an exploding company with a rockstar team that ships products for events all over North America.

How I created results from nothing:

Failure is not an option
I became obsessed with learning
My marketing created explosive results
I built a team even though I couldn't afford it

Join me and learn how to:


  1. Create the right strategy for growth

  2. Create marketing your customers love

  3. Create a sales strategy that actually closes

Once you create cash flow you have the freedom to live life on your terms.

Chris Crawford Business Training
What I am about



  • Proven methods we use for marketing and sales
  • Planning to get the work done
  • Tools that are used in our multi-million dollar company
  • Support to know that there are others just like you
  • The ability to create something you’re proud of



What I'm not about



  • A get rich quick scheme
  • A way to trick people into buying stuff they don’t need or want
  • An empty promise that you’ll be working from your laptop on a beach in 30 days
  • A one size fits all solution
  • An answer for someone that isn’t willing to try


It’s all up to you, nobody is going to do it for you.

You grow courage by doing courageous things.

You grow faith by believing in yourself.

You grow results by taking action, not by thinking about it.

Chris Crawford created Kick Ass Media from his small apartment with no money, no education, no support and no business plan.

Now that’s a multi-million dollar business that works with clients like Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox, LG Electronics and many other international brands. Learn more about Kick Ass Media by clicking here.

Join Chris on his journey to help entrepreneurs tap into what they’re capable of.

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