Chris Crawford

Entrepreneur & Marketing Coach

Born and raised in a small town in Canada I didn’t really have ambition of chasing anything big as a kid. My mom was 16 when she had me and had just been working a local job to make money for fun on the weekends. I dropped out of high school because I just didn’t have a vision or idea of the future. My future was playing in a band with some friends and having fun on the weekends.

Somewhere along the way though I started to feel like I was capable of more. I could feel the burn of potential in my heart. I knew I was destined for more but I didn’t know what it was. Eventually I decided to move away to the city. I worked my way up to a great job in a company. I was making more money than I had expected and people were proud. This should have been the high life. The thing is it didn’t feel like it. I wasn’t fulfilled by the money I just wasted it. I was working for the weekend still just with more money to do it with. 

I needed to do something different but I was afraid to leave.

Over time I started to become more afraid to stay. I could see the future there. I quit and decided to start my own business. It felt so freeing to walk out that door.

Everyone told me I was crazy.

It takes courage to go after
your dreams.

But is courage enough? A year later I hadn’t sold anything, had spent my savings, maxed out my credit cards and had creditors calling. I was broke. Now those same people told me to quit and go back to that job. I didn’t quit, I couldn’t. I knew what was back there and that wasn’t where I wanted to go. 

I had to move out of my apartment into my girlfriend’s parent’s basement out in the country. I used to take the Greyhound into the city and go door to door handing out flyers to businesses trying to sell products.

I remember one night I slept at the bus station so I could do it all over again the next day. I woke up cramped from sitting up, unshowered and unshaven. I went to the restroom that smelled like urine and was covered with graffiti. As I brushed my teeth and looked at myself in the mirror I thought this can’t last. This won’t last. I learned that… 

We have to have faith in our vision to keep going when it’s tough. 

But is faith enough? Faith and focus on a vision will keep us going but we have to be open to learn. Find people that have done what we want, try new things and find a way or make a way. I became obsessed with learning how to grow a business and started teaching myself online marketing. Over time it started to work and I started to get some clients from online.

Then one day fate intervened and it clicked:

People don’t buy your products or services they buy the result they want.

That result is usually a solution to some problem they have. I had been trying to sell products and services. Once I really understood this I changed my website, our message and marketing and business exploded. I mean exploded. Within just a few years we did over a million dollars in sales from online. I was hiring and building the team and things were taking off.

I started to travel and do great things BUT I still had this feeling like something was missing. I did some soul searching and eventually realized that it’s the not the results, the money, or the clients that’s fulfilling. It’s watching my team grow and helping other entrepreneurs overcome the challenges I had been through.

Now my mission is to support the people that want to create change in the world.

Often times people with the best stuff struggle to get it out there. I want to share what we have learned and support them on their journey.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re going through is there to lead you to your biggest opportunity.

I’m here to support you whether it’s learning to put your why in your message, create a purpose driven brand and attract more business or overcome distraction and procrastination to make more happen or helping you connect with your higher vision and purpose to create a life of fulfillment.

My team and I are here and would love to hear from you.

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With gratitude,