In this video I talk about a breakthrough session I just had with a client that felt she was hitting a ceiling she couldn’t get past.

This business owner said it felt like Self Sabotage.

She had created a great business and knew what to do to take it to the next level but for some reason didn’t stay focused in making that happen.

Instead she would procrastinate or just avoid getting the work done.

This specifically is what got me into the training and study I have been in for the last 8+ years.

I ran into this myself. If I had pressure or financial stress I would focus and work but when that deadline was met or that financial pressure disappeared it’s like I would get distracted and stop focusing.

I see so many business owners or people with something to share with the world run into this issue. 

It’s frustrating but it can be changed.

What I share in this video is how this was actually programming in my client that part of her was protecting her from the fear of losing family or friends.

To that part of her sub-conscious this was logical but to what she really wants it doesn’t make sense.

Watch and hear how I was able to help her break through this in less than an hour.

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