This is one of the biggest things I want to educate people on. It is the reason people waste time and money on marketing and get zero results.

This article is going to change what you think you need to grow your mission-driven business.

In my book, I talk about how when I started my business I had no idea what I was doing. it’s true. It was brutal. I was sleeping in my car going door to door handing out flyers. (Sign up for a FREE copy)

I actually got pretty good at door to door sales but I knew it wasn’t my future. My gut said to start teaching myself how to build websites and create an online business.

Now keep in mind this is 2007, the internet and online shopping was a lot different. I had no background in design, marketing, business, websites. I just started teaching myself. Eventually, though I thought since I don’t know anything about online or social media I should hire someone to help me right? Wrong.

The first person I paid $500 per month to create social media content and it was brutal. It felt awkward, nobody engaged with it, It didn’t do anything. Awhile later I paid someone $5,000 to create me a “funnel”. They convinced me this is what I needed to make money online. I was excited but then…

It was a flop. It didn’t do anything. wtf.

I kept going and learning and eventually started to get some results online. As I was making some money from online and still making money from door to door I thought I’d make a huge investment into a marketing agency.

Over the course of months, I spent $30,000. I thought for sure this was it. It would transform my business.

Again I got nothing! What?! It was crazy.

I became obsessed with online and learning it and then 1 day my world changed when I watched Simon Sinek talk about how people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

This led me to completely change the content and message online to more of why our customer was buying and then boom.

The business exploded.

Within the next year we sold over $150,000 and the year after $225,000, then over $350,000 by the 4th year we had sold over $1 million online and then got to over $100,000 per month!


All because I learned a few things:

  • How to create the right message for my customer’s awareness
  • The power of why
  • And a sales process

I also learned why previous marketing didn’t work. I didn’t know how-to guide or manage them. See as the founder, visionary or mission-driven leader you have something to share with people. Ideally, you solve a problem you have solved for you. You understand what they’re going through, you have stories you can share, experiences. You understand what you offer, why it’s unique and why people should choose you.

When you hire someone they don’t know all that stuff and if you don’t guide them right they are left to just talk about your product and features.

If you haven’t watched my video about building relationships to sell more you must watch it. Click here to check it out.

You need to create the plan, like a blueprint of a house and then hire people to create what you planned. This plan must include the audience, language, message, education pieces and stories.

This is why you can’t hire marketing people… you don’t even need marketing people!

Yes you may need someone to do technical online work to share your message but first, you have to be clear on the message

  • How to attract people with your message
  • How to build relationships
  • And how to turn them into clients

Once you know that you need technical talent to share it.


It’s your voice they are sharing. If you don’t guide them right then they are sharing their own voice. I’m not saying do the techy work. I’m saying we have to be the leader behind the mission.


This took me years to figure out. Now this is my mission. I support people to step into and own the leader their mission needs them to be.

  • Clarity of the problem we solve
  • A message that resonates
  • A plan to share it
  • Overcoming our own blocks, fears, and limitations
  • Getting in the right mindset and taking action towards our vision


If you’re ready to learn that and step into that zone I’d love to support you.


Join one of my weekly calls and learn how to create a mission and how to overcome subconscious blocks or check out my book.


Either way, keep going. You have something the world needs and only you can share it in your way.