It’s not what we know that is holding us back from all that is possible…

It’s what we don’t even know we don’t know.

This morning I was processing fear the fear of failing…in the past, I wouldn’t have said that. I would have used language like stress or anxiety but that is just grown-up words for fear. Fear of things not working out, fear of things going wrong, fear of what could happen but often we would say I’m stressed about whatever.

I had just eaten breakfast and was feeding my daughter Stori some scrambled eggs. We’re in Mexico at an awesome little AirBnb a few minutes walk from the beach. It’s a great little town North of Puerto Vallarta. I love the slower pace and relaxed vibes here. It just puts me in a different mindset.

The thing is I was feeling “anxious” about getting work done.

I’m preparing to run an online business blueprint boot camp. It’s where I teach people that have something to share with the world how to create a system to get it out there. This is my mission, sharing my experience having sold $7 Million in online sales. So many amazing people with gifts, skills, stories and products that can change lives struggle when it comes to marketing, sales and sharing their mission. I want to change that.

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Feeding a 10-month-old is a slow process. Her mom isn’t feeling well today so I’m on baby duty. After she was done, I could feel the energy of it. I could feel it in my body this unease of low-level stress. It wasn’t intense but it was there. It was making me want to rush and get to work.

Instead of rushing, I sat with it. If you don’t know me I’ve studied a lot of subconscious work and energy healing to clear emotional blocks, fears, etc. That is the stuff that we don’t know we don’t know and is getting in our way.

As I sat in the feeling of stress just allowing it to be, I realized it was fear:

  • Fear of people not showing up
  • Fear of people not signing up
  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of not getting my stuff done
  • Overall just the fear of failing


Even after having built a company and sold over $7 million in online products I’m still feeling some fear when approaching something new. The growth never stops.


Can you relate?

We all share that fear in different ways…especially when we’re putting ourselves out there in different ways, sharing a message, starting new ventures but it’s not all bad…

Remember the reason the fear comes up is that a part of us is trying to protect us in some way. That isn’t bad but it may not serve where we want to go. As we release these kinds of fears and limitations we step even more into our potential and let go of hidden anchors that are holding us back.


Remember that what we focus on, even if unconsciously, we create more of.


Anyway, I did a method that I do of just going into the feeling to process and release it.

The key to process and release is first to acknowledge.

Carl Jung said “what we resist, persists”. The more we resist or fight that feeling, the more it is there.

Sitting in and acknowledging means feeling it and experiencing it…even when it sucks. We’ve been so conditioned to avoid negative emotions. In my opinion, the current “positive mindset” movement often avoids needed healing and releasing of what is holding us back. When I do work with clients many times it is avoiding this that is actually getting in their way.

Forcing “being positive” is another form of resistance but that’s another conversation.

We think we just need to work harder, get more done, be more productive or work smarter but sometimes we need to release what we don’t even know is getting in our way.


Click here to check out my post on who we need to become where I talk about overcoming inner blocks to be the person that can grow our mission.

As you’re trying new ventures, growing a business or sharing a message look for those moments that stress or anxiety shows up and allow yourself to process it.

Let go of the fear, step into your greatness. You have things the world and people need.