Your  path to purchase!

What does that even mean?

That is the steps that someone will take to buy from you. Sounds simple but it’s the most missunderstood things in growing a mission.

In the video I explain how I spent almost 2 years focused on a 3 step plan:

  1. Someone to click on an ad
  2. On a page click for a phone call
  3. On the call to purchase

That simple few steps has attracting 1000’s of clients and generating over $7 million in sales.

it’s crazy and it’s true!

Now I’m not saying for you to go and create ads and do phone calls. What I’m saying is knowing how to create your own path to purchase and how to get it made.

WARNING: Do not assume you can hire “marketing talent” and they will build it. I spent 10’s of $1000’s of dollars on marketing people and got nothing in return!

You need a plan that fits you. It has to be

If you don’t enjoy it you won’t do it!

You will procrastinate it and it will be the barrier to the success of your mission!

I see this everyday..people out there saying:

  • You have to make videos – WRONG
  • You have to do facebook ads – WRONG
  • You have to have a podcast – WRONG
  • You have to write a book – WRONG
  • You have to do awkward sales – WRONg
  • You need a plan that is right for you – YES!!!

When you have a plan that is right for you and your mission:

  • You will enjoy it more
  • You will do the work because you like it
  • You will be more motivated
  • You will improve and learn faster
  • Which means you will grow your mission faster

Create a path to purchase that is right for you!

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Most importantly keep going on your mission!

People need what you have. You need to share it!