If you’re a coach or have a program, group or product to sell and it’s not selling the way you want…

It’s 1 THING!

This 1 thing is the reason why so many people undercharge, give their time away for free or don’t get sales at all.

So often people think whatever they are doing isn’t working, and think they need to do youtube videos. Then that isn’t working. I need to do a podcast. Then that isn’t working. I need to do webinars. When that isn’t working. Next next next. The problem is not the method, it’s the message.

The moment this clicked for me.

I talk a lot about how hard I struggled early on. I had this exact issue. I just wanted to grow this little business I had. It wasn’t working, it was brutal.

Overtime I did start getting sales online but I found so often I was undercharging, discounting, giving time away for free.

1 day I walked into the little office I had which was actually an old chinese take out restaurant. It still had the greasy woks and fryers in the back. The walls were so covered in a layer of deep fry slime that we couldn’t let anything touch it because it would never come off.

Anyway I walk in the door and my 1 employee Dave is like you have to watch this video!

It was Simon Sinek and for those of you that remember his first video it’s a low quality one on youtube. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth the watch…later.

In that video Simon explains that great leaders and companies start with why in their message.

Most companies talk about what they do, some companies talk about how they do it but few companies talk about the why. When you get to the why you create great companies and his examples are like Apple, Harley Davidson and even Martin Luther King.

Most people watch that video, it resonates with them but they don’t know how to use it.

I dissected what that means and it transformed my company.

Legit that was the turning point. We went from undercharging just getting by to the phone ringing off the hook and raising prices to charge our worth.

I realized that understanding how to craft the right message is everything AND that message can’t come from anyone but the leader, founder or owner. It’s your message.

This is why hiring marketing people so often fails…they are technical skill that are there to share your message.

See so many coaches, people with awesome programs, events, groups and products are selling the wrong thing!

You’re trying to sell what you do or even how you do it. That’s the wrong thing.

On top of that so often coaches get on the phone and immediately start coaching. That isn’t the time for coaching.

That is the time to educate in why they need your coaching. Without a process that can be hard.

We create a process that was so powerful we would sign up 70% of people that called us. Unheard of sign up rates.

I have a term I always think to myself: Inspire and Educate. That’s what you have to do. Your content, posts, videos, ads, live talks on stage…inspire and educate. Educate on why they need you.

Learn how to speak to the deeper why and your business or mission will explode.

I have a whole process that takes hours to craft this out for people and it transforms the way they communicate which causes their business or mission to take off and as it takes off they become more fulfilled and more free financially and with their time they do more of what they want. Imagine how that would feel to create that.

There’s a part of you that knows that is possible for you.

If you want to learn how to craft this in your business or mission schedule a call with me. It’s free and I’ll look at what is blocking the growth of what you have.

If you’re not ready that is cool too, just remember you have to learn how to craft this message in order to grow the mission you have.