Right now is such a pivitol time. Some are afraid, some are angry, some don’t care, others see opportunity.

What does it matter for you?

You’re someone who wants to create a business or mission this IS your time to create.

When we look back to the 1920’s and the stock market crash followed by the great depression or when we look at any recession we see that so many people come out wildly successful.

Most people will hesitate, contract or close due to fear but those that have the courage to stay strong, prepare and expand will flourish. I’m not saying it will be easy. I’m saying it is possible to thrive.

In 2007 I quit a successful career to start a business with no idea what I was doing and then in 2008-2009 the economy tanked. I was on the street handing out flyers. I stayed committed and followed the signs. I learned to read the patterns of the market and…

I turned that struggle into a successful business working with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Once I found a way to thrive in that time, I could crush in any other time.

The most important thing I say over and over is you have to first get your mind strong. You have to do the practices that make you feel your best. Whatever that is for you.

Maybe it’s meditation, yoga, running, throwing weights around, diet, creating art, dancing…whatever it may be for you now, even more than ever, you must strengthen you. This is putting your oxygen mask on first.

The result is that you become more aligned with your higher self