Continuing the how to build your mission-driven business series.

Using a blog to attract clients and grow your mission. Blogs and Vlogs are easy and powerful to attract clients, build relationships and grow your mission…when used right!

If you have watched my video on How To Build Relationships To Sell More you’d have learned that in order to get more clients, we have to educate on how we can help them. That’s obvious BUT before we educate we have to build a relationship of trust. 

This is the single reason most people struggle to grow their mission…They try to educate or sell WITHOUT a relationship. It doesn’t work and it feels salesy!

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care ~ Theodore Roosevelt

So as I outlined in the relationships first video we have to think of our business building in stages:

  1. Attract people
  2. Build a relationship
  3. Educate on how to solve their problem
  4. Offer to solve their problem
    • Follow Up if needed
    • Close the sale
  5. Over-deliver

Those are the most important steps to get more clients and grow your mission-driven business regardless of your technical ability.

You need technical talent to build stuff BUT none of the above steps include any technical work like websites, social media, ads, funnels or emails and yet they are up to you to figure out.

That’s because as the leader, visionary, person with a mission our role is to know best about the problem we solve, what it’s like to have that problem, and how to have the best conversation with them. Our job is to create an overall plan and hire talent.

If you’re confused about your role vs hiring technical talent to check out this post before you hire anyway! Click here to learn about brand creation vs technical skill.

Ok assuming you’re up to speed on building relationships first, I’m going to talk about a powerful way to attract and build relationships long term with low cost…creating a blog.

Remember ideally you want to spend time in a lane you enjoy. If you enjoy writing or talking about your mission, purpose, the problem you solved then a blog is probably the right move for you.

Why is a blog so powerful?

  • It attracts because it speaks at the level people are focused
  • It builds relationships because you aren’t selling, you’re serving
  • You’re educating on the problem and solution
  • You’re creating credibility and trust
  • You’re showing your unique value
  • And you can have calls to action, offers, etc

Blogs or vlogs are huge…WHEN USED RIGHT!

What is a blog?

It’s just content that you create for your audience. Think of it like a social media platform without the engagement and comments. That right there just got you thinking differently about social media didn’t it?

So how do you use a blog right?

The first step is thinking about their current awareness? People will consume your blog content if they are:

  1. Unaware of the actual problem you solve and struggling with symptoms or
  2. When they are aware of the problem and looking for more info.

Learn more about audience awareness click here.

What do you what them to think when they’re done? Focus the post on someone at a specific point in their problem-solving journey and your relationship. This allows you to know where you want to take them on the journey. Remember you always want to be building more relationships and educating NOT just selling.

Knowing the above what would be the ideal next step for them to take? An email series, webinar, phone call, other content?

A blog fits well into the unaware and cold/warm stage. This is people that don’t really know you and don’t even realize how you can help them. They have symptoms that are affecting some areas of life, business, relationship, etc.

Speak to their current awareness.

The best way to fit this into your strategy is to:

  • Write articles that are talking about the problem or related topics
  • Link to other articles that will add value
  • Offer to go to something that can educate them more like a webinar, call, email series, book, etc.

Again I recommend to not try and sell on your blog or even make offers. They aren’t ready for that. They are ready to learn more and engage if your content resonates.

If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed about where to start…join one of my weekly calls:

On the calls I go through:

  • Creating a plan to build relationships so we can grow our mission

  • Why so many heart-centered business owners give their time away for free!

  • What to do before marketing and sales

  • Why you shouldn’t hire someone to do marketing BUT you will need techy help

  • Overcoming our doubts and limiting beliefs about building our business

  • Letting go of blocks that get in our way

Or check this post out about becoming the person our mission needs!


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Either way don’t quit…you have something the world and people need. I know you feel it inside. Nobody can create this for you, your path is figuring out how to share it with the world.